IELTS Listening Tips

Dear Reader,

Here are my best tips for scaling the IELTS Listening Exam. Hope you find them as useful as I have:

  1. Make sure you read the listening section to make sure the rules of grammar are followed for example, don’t just write “radio” when it’s “the radio” that fits the sentence - check for grammar.
  2. Check your grammar and transfer your answers wisely
  3. Spelling is important - check your spelling!
  4. Read the instructions - Are you to provide a letter containing the answer or the full content of the answer
  5. Don’t try to understand everything - The objective is to listen for the answer and take note of it as soon as you hear it.
  6. Before you listen to the recording, read the questions. This will help you understand what exactly to look out for when the recording begins. You can do this by underlining keywords in the question to look for/listen for.
  7. Take note of your answers quickly - Don’t listen for the answer in your head. Once the speaker says something that might be the answer, note it down and if this changes further down the line, note it down as well, otherwise, the first option might very well be the answer.
  8. Look out for answers which are plural. IELTS know that students have difficulty hearing the plural “s”. So, these answers will certainly be given to test your listening ability.
  9. Answers can come quickly - meaning you should make notes quickly. I’d rather note them down quickly than slowly to avoid missing out on any part of the recording.

Good luck with your exam!