PTE - Academic Retell Lecture Tips & Strategies That Work

For this item type, you will have:

  1. 10s to prepare
  2. 40s to give your response
  3. about 3 lectures in total


1.   Include the main points of the lecture

2.   Don’t repeat/correct yourself – keep talking and ignore any mistakes you make

3.   Include facts, figures, dates and numbers as they should be easy to note down

Strategies that work

Listen very carefully. Write down:

1. The main idea / topic

The speaker was discussing TOPIC

2. Five important keywords

He/She mentioned KEYWORD 1

He/She described KEYWORD 2

He/She said KEYWORD 3

He/She talked about KEYWORD 4

He/She suggested that KEYWORD 5

For example:

The speaker was discussing the cause of the civil war in Syria.

He mentioned that there were a wide range of cultures in Syria.

He described the various communities in Syria.

He talked about how it was unclear how the civil war started.

He discussed the sectarian hatred in Syria.

He suggested that the key reason for the war was architecture.