TOEFL iBT: Tips For Acing The Listening Section

A quick introduction to the listening section:

  • You will listen to 4-6 questions and 2-3 conversations
  • Each conversation (3-6 minutes) has 5 questions
  • Each lecture (3-6 minutes) has 6 questions
  • 60-90 minutes are allowed for the listening section
  • Conversations are of two types: Office hours/service encounters
  • Office hours are conversations that take place in a professor’s office
  • Service encounters on the other hand, take place on a university campus and has non-academic content
  • The academic lecture typically contains all the information you need from Arts, Life Science, Physical Science or Social Sciences

Here are some tips to help you sail through:

  • False starts, misspeaks and repetitions are included in the recording. Be on the lookout for them
  • Take notes; this exam is not designed to test your memory
  • Pay attention to new words or concepts introduced
  • Pay attention to the way the lecture is organized and the way ideas are connected
  • You cannot go back to a previous question once you click next
  • Copy the words, main idea, major points, important details in separate sections of your note pad as you listen.