Why Use Flashcards For Children?

Flash cards have proven effective in teaching children of all ages a variety of concepts. Despite the effectiveness, its potential has been underexploited.

Teaching English refers to Howard Gardner’s research on the need to appeal to different categories of learners while teaching. A high proportion of learners, regardless of age, belong to the category of visual learners who prefer to learn using bright text, illustrations and images.

Flash cards are an effective way to teach practically any subject. I’ve found it extremely useful in learning vocabulary and numerous concepts that require memorization. Flashcards can be used by anyone to learn.

With flashcards, children can easily associate pictures with words and the right pronunciation. The use of flashcards as a tutor or parent will allow you to achieve multiple objectives. Children get to learn vocabulary, pronunciation and can associate each word with its visual representation.

Another good thing about flashcards is that they are quite easy to make and offer an interactive approach for teaching kids at home and in school. They are affordable and should you prefer to make them yourself, it could cost you next to nothing. 

Take advantage of our growing collection of flashcards to teach and bond with your little one:

The Animal Spot

The Colour Spot

The General Spot

Useful Links

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